Cisco VPN client MD5/SHA1 for 32-bit Windows

UPDATE (01DEC2010) – Download link (and yes I did verify the hash)


MD5: a8407593072cfabb83410f2f06fa8b61

SHA1: 9dcb2e9de75204a4361036cdd194d2775b0b4b26
Release Date: 05/OCT/2010

Size: 7814.00 KB (8001536 bytes)
So far I don’t see any new release note for it on the Cisco website ( However, it does show up in Cisco’s “Download Software” section. Good thing I know a reliable source, where I don’t need a service contract, to download the VPN client from 😉

UPDATE (20OCT2010):

UPDATE (30NOV2010)

A majority of the colleges that use the Cisco VPN client requires a login in order before being able to download it. Fortunately I found one that doesn’t (it doesn’t have the 32-bit Windows version yet) 😉

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

Mac OS X (for 10.4 and 10.5)

Mac OS X (for 10.2and 10.3)

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